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A New Way to Prepare for the SATs Using Adaptive Technology Developed at MIT

Looking for a smarter way to prep for the SATs in the fall?

Maybe you need more structure than a self-directed book or online-only program. Perhaps one-on-one tutoring won’t fit with your summer schedule or is just too expensive. What if you could prepare for the PSAT or SAT using online tools specifically designed to your individual needs and areas for improvement, AND have meetings with an experienced coach to keep the process on track?

Testive, a Boston-based startup founded by MIT graduates, has created just this opportunity. The SATHabit software features adaptive technology - which means that the program works based on how you answer the questions. The software hones in on the specific areas within each section where you can most improve. It also helps you find your individual ceiling for improvement, so you’re not focusing on questions that are too easy or too hard for you - you’re working on areas where you can learn strategies to improve. 

Campus Bound adds a significant layer of depth to this program with the help of our experienced coaches. With traditional online tutoring, you’re on your own. With Campus Bound SAT Services, you are working with a coach who is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. 

Watch the video below see how the program works and visit for more information. The next session begins this month!

SAT Prep with Campus Bound powered by Testive from Testive Inc on Vimeo.

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Welcome to the Campus Bound blog

Welcome to a blog all about the college admission process.  Applying to college (and being accepted) can be a mystifying and maddening process. There is so much to know, so much you may not know, and every school a student is looking at will have different requirements, applications, and evaluate different factors differently in the application review process. Clear as mud, right?

I spent nearly 8 years as a college admission counselor at a private college in New England. I’ve traveled up and down the east coast visiting high schools and attending college fairs. I’ve reviewed thousands of college applications and made many difficult decisions. I can remember several times talking with colleagues and saying things like, “If only that student knew not to do that,” or “Students really have no idea how to advocate for themselves in the process.” So I decided that my next professional move would be to work with high school students, helping them through the process and educating them on things they don’t know. And really, how can they be expected to know some of the small details that can make a huge difference in the application process? There’s a whole lot of “noise” out there about the college admission process and lots of websites with lots of misinformation. There are some good ones, but it can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad.

I’m now working as a College Counselor at Campus Bound. It’s an educational consulting company that works with students in the greater Boston area, and provides individual counseling from former admission and guidance counselors. I love working with students and helping them find the right colleges to apply to. The most rewarding thing is when I tell them something, one of those little-known details or facts about the process, and a student or parent says, “Wow, I had no idea, but that is so helpful!” Makes it all worth it.

So that’s the purpose of my blog. I hope to connect with current, former, and potential Campus Bound students and parents. I want to shed some light on the college admission process. If you like what you read (or don’t), let me know. And if you think that working with a counselor at Campus Bound might help make this process a little easier for you, get in touch with us. Although we are based in Quincy and Lexington, MA, we work with students all over the country (ah, the wonders of Skype).


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